Daily from 10.00 am - 12.00 midnight, our kitchen is open from 11.00 am -11:00 pm



1 Pancake € 8.80

2 Pancakes € 13.80


Cream of pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds & pumpkin seed oil € 4.40



Speciality 1: Pancake “Wiener Wald”

Two pancakes filled with minced game meat, speck & mushrooms,

served in a pan with cranberry sauce & red cabbage



Speciality 2: Pancake “Venison Stew”

Two pancakes filled with venison stew,

served in a pan with currant sauce & red cabbage



Speciality 3: Pancake “Viennese Prime Boiled Beef“

Two pancakes filled with prime boiled beef & root vegetables,

served in a pan with horseradish sauce



Speciality 4: Pancake “Hungarian Gulyas“*

Two pancakes filled with spicy beef goulash (shoulder cut),

served in a pan, with fried egg

* cooked in red wine


Münzenrieder Heideboden White Wine Late Harvest 1/8L € 3.00

Münzenrieder Zweigelt Late Harvest 1/8L € 3.00


Heideboden Red Wine Blaufränkisch & Zweigelt,

Thomas Lehner, Burgenland 0.7L Bottle & 0.7L Bottle Römerquelle € 23.40

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